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Jack the Ripper Murders (Walking)

In 1888, London was subjected to a reign of terror by Jack the Ripper - a blood-crazed killer who stalked the streets, butchering the East End ladies of the night. Join your guide for a walking tour retracing his steps, visiting the murder sites such as Whitechapel`s Ten Bells pub, and seeing some of the city`s most haunted spots. Put your super-sleuth skills to the test, and try to solve the mystery!


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Travel with ISIC

Why do we insist on ISIC Cards?

Our objective solely being all the student to make most of their ISIC Discounts worldwide as an ISIC Holder.

All the special discounted airfares are normally negociated directly from the airlines, due to these reasons (as per the airline contract), a traveler will need one of the following three identification cards: International Student Identity Card (ISIC), International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC)

If a client already holds any of the named valid cards, we will need the card type and number prior to issuing tickets. Travelers on student fares are required to carry a current, valid ISIC while traveling. Failure to produce a valid card may result in denied boarding.

If you are purchasing an eligibility card, you must verify that the passenger is eligible for the card. You will need to provide the passenger’s date of birth for all cards and the name of the school for ISIC and ITIC cards.

If fraudulent information is provided, you will be held responsible. You may be required to provide proof of eligibility in some cases, such as when the passenger is over the age of 34.

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