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ISIC China – Heritage Conservation Camp 2017


Event organizer: Cangdong Heritage Education Centre (

Event duration: 02 Feb to 12 Feb, 2017 ( 11 days)

Event Location: Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, China

Cangdong Heritage Education centre would like to bring students from all over the world together into a classic rural Chinese village in Southern China, to have them experience and understand the attractive features of such a lifestyle. Students from a diversity background can explore new thoughts and talents in many areas including but not limited to arts and crafts, music, food, local stucco carvingand conservation.

Furthermore, Candong will facilitate the participants to know more about the traditional architecture, to experience rice and vegetable farming, to visit local Chinese markets, and to learn about Chinese culture such as Cantonese opera, Chinese calligraphy, fung shui and Overseas Chinese history.

Watch an Youtube clip to learn more about the Cangdong project.

Conservation, revitalization, culture and heritage appreciation – experiencing the local village life, inter action with local villagers.

Why Kaiping?
Kaiping, home of many Overseas Chinese, is a UNESCO heritage site with over 2,000 Diaolous (Watchtowers) around the area. Cangdong Project is also the UNESCO Asia-Pacific award winner 2015.

Cangdong Village – Cangdong Heritage Education Center, Tangkou Old town in Kaiping (Hoiping)


Who can participate?

A gathering of up to 50 ISIC holders from a variety of countries together with 50 local youths and students in addition to the involvement of 100 local villagers from Cangdong and nearby villages.

The programme will be a combination of different activities and events covers education, workshops, events,  creativity, revitalizing the old market, conservation of some village houses and fund raising for the Tangkou Community house. And most specially – participants can experience a southern Chinese farming and local life and have a meaningful, fun time.

The programme will carry through the Chinese New Year which no doubt will be a fantastic experience for all participants.

US$650 for 11 days/10 nights

Includes: Accommodation, food & great ‘meet and greet’ at Kaiping.
Excludes: visa , insurance, air ticket
*For those who will participates the 6 days/5 nights program -the contribution will be US$450

How to apply?

  • Contact Cangdong via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Contact Cangdong via wechat: cangdongjihua
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