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Becoming an ISIC benefit partner

Whether you are looking to offer an attractive local, national, regional or global benefit for students, ISIC is the right partner for you! It is our aim to make as many benefits, discounts and opportunities available to students to support them through their daily student life.

Engage with students!

Partnering with ISIC demonstrates you take student customers seriously and care about their personal development.

No financial investment required

ISIC benefit partners pay nothing to the ISIC Association to become affiliated. The ISIC Association simply requires you to offer a relevant, attractive discount or benefit to all ISIC cardholders.

One solution, many markets

ISIC benefit partners can easily reach multiple markets around the world in an efficient, cost-effective and coordinated way. The ISIC Global Office provides the advice, support, design and technical know-how to develop marketing solutions best suited to students..

Guaranteed to reach students

Due to our strong student verification process, the ISIC Association guarantees that the benefits that partners offer ISIC cardholders are accessed only by students. All ISIC cards have a unique serial number stored in our central database, which means the ISIC Association can also provide partners with online card validation.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss discount and benefit partnership opportunities.

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