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International Student Identity Card ISIC

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted, UNESCO endorsed proof of bona fide student status. An ISIC card is your passport to fantastic benefits and services the world over. If you're a full time student aged 12 years+ then you're eligible for an ISIC card. More than 5 million students around the world each year enjoy the services and discounts that the ISIC card, the only internationally accepted proof of student status endorsed by UNESCO, gives access to. Check out to find out what is available to students in Kenya and more than 130 other countries around the world!...

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Guarantee your Flight Price Today

Guarantee your seat and the lowest prices with a $50 deposit, paying the balance before you fly. Available to students, youths or teachers booking more than 30 days before departure

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Legendry Low Fares

Guarantee your Flight Price Today

If you’re a full-time student or under 30, enjoy BlueTicket’s unbeatable prices, exclusive routes. With over 60 of the world’s leading airlines onboard, BlueTicket is bigger than any other ticket.

Combine as many airlines as you can, backtrack all over the place and add unlimited stops to your route

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Student Travel in Kenya

STA Travel the world’s leading student and youth Travel Company. STA Travel offers exclusive airfares to students, youths and teachers/lecturers. Invented by STA Travel way back in 1979, STA Travel’s exclusive BlueTickets have been flying students and young people around the planet on cheap and flexible airfares for over 35 years. As you already know STA has been in Kenya through Charleston Travel Limited (FCM Travel Limited).


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Legendary Low Fares

If you’re a full-time student or under 30, enjoy BlueTicket’s cheap prices, exclusive routes and flexible perks.

Yes, it does seem unfair doesn’t it? But so does not working or having wrinkles yet.

Famously Flexible

Cheap, easy and flexible, just like you… oops sorry. Designed for travellers, BlueTickets can be loved, lost, date changed or cancelled. Add a MultiFLEX pass for prepaid changes and even more freedom on the road. Exclusive 12 Month returns. Unique flexible 12 month return fares, ideal when planning to study/work abroad

Your Trip, Your Way

BlueTicket will take you to places that no other ticket can! Add free stopovers, book exclusive 12 month tickets and join tickets together to create unique multi-stops and Round the World routes.

Book Now, Pay Later

You don’t always have to pay for your trip in one go. Talk to us about securing yours with a deposit - a move which should buy you enough time to convince someone else to pay the rest off later! Secure your seat and guarantee the ticket price with a $50 deposit on selected flights. 

Fly With 60+ Airlines

With over 60 of the world’s leading airlines onboard, BlueTicket is bigger than any other ticket. Combine as many airlines as you can, backtrack all over the place and add unlimited stops to your route. 

STA Travel Cares

We’ll never leave you stranded in your washing day undies on the other side of the world. Wherever you are, you can contact us 24 hours a day for help changing your ticket or for helpful laundry advice. 


Cheap Student Flights

Cheap Student Flights

Our Top Flight Deals


from just $74 Ex. Taxes

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from $263 Ex. Taxes

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from $ 491 Ex. Taxes

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from $214 Ex. Taxes

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OW Fares


OW fares

Cape Town fares from USD 202 Adelaide fares from USD 566
Toronto fares from USD 633 Sydney fares from USD 610
Vancouver fares from USD 432 Perth  fares from USD 566
Calgary fares from USD 722 Melbourne fares from USD 596
London Heathrow fares from USD 592 Brisbane fares from USD 914
London fares from USD 249 Bombay fares from USD 74
Manchester fares from USD 476 Kuala Lumpur fares from USD 263
Birmingham fares from USD 249 Bangkok fares from USD 293
Los Angeles fares from USD 566 Chengdu fares from USD 531
New York fares from USD 293 Beijing fares from USD 511
Copenhagen fares from USD 680 Seoul fares from USD 265
Frankfurt fares from USD 344 Shanghai fares from USD 566

*One-way without Taxes from Nairobi. Terms & Conditions Apply

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